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BrickArms Stahlhelm​ is a product from BrickArms. the Stahlhelm was the main helmet of the Deutsche Wehrmacht the first model was made in 1916 during the middle of the Great War. The earlier helmets where Peckelhubes witch where made of leather. After WW1 they where replaced with the M36 when WW2 started they where replaced with the M40, a more easier to manufacture helmet. The last helmet model was the M43 helmet before the entivable defeat of Germany on the 1st may 1945. They where then released with M53 models, which where Russian.

Official Description (​Do not modify it) Edit

From Verdun to Berlin, German soldiers relied on the stahlhelm for protection. Now your figs can wear this icon of German military power with the BrickArms Stahlhelm!

Sleek and imposing, any soldier topped with a BrickArms Stahlhelm is ready for battle!

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