PPSh Black S The PPsh, or known as the Pe Pa Sha is a Brickarms weapon. It has a removable ammo drum.

Real history about the PPSH-41Edit

In the 1940's,the Soviets made the awesome PPSH-41.In 1942, Germans crossed the Volga surrounding Stalingrad,the Soviets used the weapon a cold winter lie ahead. But, the soviets were prepared with the PPSH-41 and most of their frontline troops wearing snow camoflaugue.In 1943 they went to take back Stalingrad.They took out the 62nd Army and the a panzer devision. Hitler refused for the 62nd army to surrender even though the Soviet sgave. Them, the oppurtunity to surrender.Hitler refused,but the leader of the 62nd army,Fredrich Von Paulus, disobeyed Hitler and surrendered. Paulus sure did the right thing. He would of gotten a sucker punch load of PPSH-41 rounds into his army and him.